Perinatal Massage Care

Warm and knowledgable care in your childbearing year.

The journey of parenthood is an incredible one. It's amazing, it's profound, and it can be overwhelming. Massage therapy can be a useful tool as you and your body navigate through these months of transformation.

Growing a tiny human is hard work! Prenatal massage is safe during all trimesters and is helpful at restoring/maintaining balance in your body, decreasing pain, improving quality of sleep, promoting connection with your body and so much more.

Treatments can be done in a side-lying position or on your stomach with the support of a  pregnancy bodyCushion. We will discuss these and your other treatment options in your initial visit and design a treatment plan that will be effective and safe for you and your pregnancy.

Pain and dysfunction do not have to be the cost of having a baby.

After the journey of pregnancy and labour comes the fourth trimester, the postpartum period. This is a time that is unique to each individual from day one postpartum to one year postpartum and beyond. Our massage therapy sessions will be designed just for you and your postpartum goals.


Unable to get childcare? My treatment room is baby friendly.  I warmly welcome patients bringing babe to their treatments with them. Baby can either sleep away in their carrier or if they have other plans, they can lay up on the table with you to sleep or feed while I continue to massage you!

Toronto Prenatal and Postpartum Massage
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Appointment durations include intake, assessment, hands on treatment and home care.

  • 60 Minutes - $110
  • 90 Minutes - $150
  • 120 Minutes - $215

Prices do not include HST