Prenatal and Pediatric Osteopathy

Osteopathic manual therapy for pregnancy, postpartum and infants with Laura Mitchell, M.OMSc.

Osteopathy for pregnancy, postpartum and infants:

Classical Osteopathy is a non-invasive form of manual medicine. Osteopathic Practitioners have an extensive knowledge of functional anatomy, physiology, and collective body mechanics. They use this knowledge to apply a variety of principles-based, hands-on assessment and treatment techniques to gently restore normal motion mechanics. This creates space for arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels and nerves to move through the body and keep the tissues healthy. 

The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself, and it does this best when each part of the body is in alignment and able to move and function properly. Osteopathic Practitioners look at the health of the whole body, not just the injured or affected part. When the whole body functions better, it's in a stronger position to protect and heal itself from injury and damage!


Osteopathy for infants may help with:

- Head shape/asymmetry
- Reflux
- Colic
- Gas
- Latch issues/breastfeeding struggles
- Congestion
- Tongue tie related concerns


Osteopathy for Pregnancy and Postpartum may help with:

- Aches and pains
- Swelling and congestion
- Creating space and movement necessary for the body to shift during labour and birth
- Balancing tension in pelvic floor and surrounding tissues that need to be mobile for a smooth delivery
- Chronic clogged ducts
- Gentle movement postpartum to encourage proper healing


Other ways Osteopathy may help:

- Headaches/migraines
- Joint aches and pains
- Recovery from injury (old and new!)
- Digestive concerns
- Circulation issues
- And more!


osteopathy for infants

Laura Mitchell

BSc., M.OMSc.

Hi, I’m Laura! I love all things homemade and can usually be found trying new recipes or reading a good book.

As an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, I’m always seeking to learn more about how our bodies are designed and how to help them function at their best. I’m passionate about caring for families through infancy, pregnancy, and beyond, as these transitions are a great time to create strong foundations for a healthy life!

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  • Initial Appointment (50 minutes) - $100 + HST
  • Follow-Up - $75 & $85 + HST