MaryBeth Templeton, RMT, RAc

Registered Massage Therapist & Acupuncturist

Hey, I'm MaryBeth (she/her),

I have been a massage therapist since 1997. In 2014, I completed a three-year acupuncture program and re-focussed my practice on helping others experience the remarkable benefits of acupuncture. I utilize the Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities of acupuncture, gua sha, and moxibustion in my practice. I have completed further education in pregnancy and post-natal care, and in treating pain conditions. I am also a trained aromatherapist and Reiki practitioner and may include energy work and essential oils as appropriate.

I find helping people through their pregnancies to be particularly satisfying. I love my pregnant clients, and I love the elegance of using a few tiny needles to ease discomfort, improve sleep, calm anxiety, prepare for labour and even coax baby into the best position for birth.

When not with clients, I recharge in nature with hiking, paddling, camping and cross-country skiing. I also love movies, books, my partner, and my cat, plus spending time with great friends.

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Training & Certification

  • Kikkawa College Massage Therapy Diploma - 1997
  • Trimesters Perinatal Massage Course - 1999
  • Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Academy, Acupuncture Diploma - 2014
  • Acupuncture Before Birth: to Induce or not to Induce - 2015
  • Birth Basics with Claudia Citkovitz - 2015
  • Cupping for Scars with Lisa Dowling - 2021
  • Better Childbirth: How to Use Acupuncture and TCM to Prep Patients - 2022