Laura Mitchell

Manual Osteopathic Practitioner

Hey, I'm Laura (she/her)

Listening to my dad’s stories from his career as a paramedic got me curious as a child about human health and how the body works. I ended up at the University of Waterloo studying Kinesiology, the study of human movement, and knew I needed a bit more information to help people the way I knew I wanted to. I went on to study Osteopathy at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and after four years, I had the skill set I needed to work with the body and not against it to create effective and lasting change for anyone in any stage of life. 


I’ve continued my education with a focus on pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and infancy, as these stages are crucial for setting a new mom and a new baby up for success! 


When not in the office, I love making food from scratch and dreaming of all the things I can make with my sourdough starter, learning about holistic nutrition, and curling up with a great work of fiction!