Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Support

We offer prenatal breastfeeding classes and postpartum IBCLC lactation consults and feeding support.

Victoria Munro RMT Lactation Consultant Guelph

Victoria Munro

Registered Massage Therapist and Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Hi, I’m Victoria! As a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) I help parents prepare for breastfeeding during pregnancy, and postpartum lactation consults to resolve breastfeeding problems like weight gain, over/under supply, tongue/lip tie concerns, nipple pain, clogged ducts & mastitis. I work with families to create the feeding relationship they find most beneficial for mom/feeding parent and baby. > more about Victoria

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Breastfeeding Basics and Beyond

This 90-minute group or private lactation class gives you all the knowledge to successfully establish breastfeeding. Topics included are: positioning and latch, how much a baby needs to eat, how to support your supply development, and where to look for help if you need further support.

Learn all the things my clients say they wish they knew before they had their babies that would have saved them time and tears!

WHEN: Take the course online and watch at your convenience, or, book a private Breastfeeding Class tailored to your health history, goals, questions, and concerns.

INVESTMENT: Online Class $40 + HST | Private Class: $120 + HST


How We Can Help Postpartum:

Lactation Support New Assessment

(in clinic only) 60-90 mins $130 + HST

If this is the first time I am seeing you and your baby this is the appointment for you. We will talk in-depth about your concerns, your birth, and your health history. We can work on positioning and latch, breast and/or nipple pain, pumping, low or oversupply concerns, blocked ducts/mastitis, and oral function concerns. As a Lactation Consultant, I am unable to diagnose a tongue or lip tie, but we can assess function and appearance to see if in the bigger picture, it is something you need a dentist to assess and I can refer you to some well-trusted practitioners.

I use an infant scale sensitive to 2 grams to monitor the baby’s growth and assess how well the baby is able to transfer milk during feeding.

After the feeding, we will make a plan that feels best for your goals and what your day-to-day reality looks like. From there we can organize a follow-up to see how our plan worked in action and make changes as you and your baby continue to change.

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Lactation support follow up

(in clinic only) 45 mins $80 + HST

We will discuss how things have gone since our last visit, do a weight check to see how baby is growing and then do another weighted feed (especially if supply or weight gain were primary concerns). We will make more changes if needed and hopefully continue to get you confident and moving towards your breastfeeding goals.

victoria munro lactation consultant

Weight check (in clinic only)

(in clinic only) 15 mins $20 +HST

Things are going well, but you just want to make sure baby is still gaining well between doctor visits? This is it! We can have a short chat about how things are going and get baby on the scale to ease your mind and make sure things are still going well.

Lactation Massage

(in clinic only)

This treatment is covered under your massage therapy benefits. Blocked ducts or engorgement causing pain and inflammation? We can work with your body's lymphatic system in this very gentle treatment to move the swelling out of your breasts and begin emptying the breasts to ease your discomfort. Please bring your pump if you have one and something to bring expressed milk home in.