Cesarean Scar Massage

Have you given birth via cesarean? Massaging your cesarean scar is an effective way to promote tissue health and decrease pain.

Increase mobility, decrease pain, and connect with your scar.

Much happens to the body after a cesarean birth. Massaging your scar can help ensure that tissues are moving properly and can have short and long term effects. If you are experiencing numbness or altered sensations, feelings of tightness, low back, pelvic and groin pain, or have lumpy or hard spots around your scar - massage is a fantastic way to get you feeling and functioning more optimally. 

Work on your scar can begin after the incision has completely healed and you get the go ahead from your care provider. This is usually around the 6 - 8 week post surgery mark. It’s important to note that it is never too late to work on your scar, even if it's 1, 5, 15 years old!

Scar massage has the potential to bring up emotions connected to the experience and for some, the thought of having the area seen and touched is overwhelming. We will have open communication throughout the entire treatment to establish and honour your comfort levels.

cesarean scar massage
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Work on your scar can be included in any regular treatment. 

  • 60 Minutes - $115
  • 90 Minutes - $160
  • 120 Minutes (Birth Recovery Session only) - $225

Prices do not include HST