Breast Tissue Massage

Breast Massage for Post-Surgery & the Childbearing Year

If you are experiencing pain in your breasts from surgery, injury, blocked milk ducts, mastitis or are looking to establish a deeper relationship with your body, I'm here to help.

"You do that!?"

Breasts continue to be so sexualized that when you say "breast massage" people don't immediately connect it with being therapeutic. In reality, breast/chest tissue is just another part of our bodies and can have a large impact on our structural and functional make up.

Breast Massage as a Therapeutic Treatment for Optimal Breast Health

Individuals who have experienced interventions to their breast/chest tissue can be well served by massage therapy as part of their physical and emotional healing process. Massage therapy can help after:

  • Breast reduction/augmentation
  • Top Surgery
  • Mastectomy
  • Pectoral injury

Treating breast/chest tissue in the childbearing year is another therapy I am thrilled to offer. Massage may be helpful to you if you are experiencing general breast/chest pain and discomfort, blocked milk ducts, and/or mastitis.

Breast Massage
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Breast massage treatments can be included in a regular massage treatment. 

  • 60 Minutes - $115
  • 90 Minutes - $160

Prices do not include HST

I work within the understanding that breast/chest tissue may have psychological and emotional narratives. There may be experiences rooted in these narratives that deserve to be validated and respected. We will discuss all of your options for treatment and create clear boundaries and goals before we begin with informed consent being at the centre of care.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, you can send them here.

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