Safe, effective pain relief for pregnancy, birth, and beyond

Safe, effective pain relief for pregnancy, birth, and beyond

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Growing a tiny human is hard work! Guelph Prenatal Massage is a brave, inclusive space to help you navigate these months of transformation in your journey to and through parenthood. I offer comprehensive massage therapy treatments, childbirth education and birth doula services to help you experience less pain, have a better birth experience and a faster postpartum recovery.

Toronto Prenatal Massage


Intuitive care that blends technical proficiency and deep relaxation.

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I am a registered massage therapist and birth doula serving Guelph, ON.

Guelph Birth Doula


Your guide through pregnancy, birth and the immediate postpartum.

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Hi, I'm Lindsay (she/her)

I am a registered massage therapist, certified full spectrum doula and the proud owner of Guelph Prenatal Massage. I find deep happiness in providing warm and inclusive care in my community with a perinatal focus.

My goal is to help create brave spaces for people to have a positive birth experience, however it ends up looking.

I love everything about this work but one of my favourite things is the transformation I get to see as someone becomes a parent or grows their family. I strive to use inclusive and unbiased language to reflect the diversity of individuals, family and birth and I believe every body deserves kind, quality care. I am continuously working towards bettering my care and have advanced training in breast massage, cesarean scar recovery and birth trauma prevention. I love avocados, coffee, cat memes, and making playlists on Spotify.

- Lindsay Finnie