From pain-relieving massage therapy to around-the-clock doula support, we’ve got you covered.


From pain-relieving massage therapy to around-the-clock doula support, we’ve got you covered.

So, what’s this pregnancy glow everyone keeps talking about?

You’re pretty sure you’ve been duped, because all you feel right now is pregnancy discomfort. If only you had a magic wand to remove all the aches and pains of pregnancy and help you feel more like yourself again. And while you’re at it, a full-night’s rest would be perfect.

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You might be wondering, “But are massages really safe during pregnancy?"

Absolutely! It isn’t just a luxury or pampering, either. It’s a proven, science-based approach to help reduce pain and support an easier birth process. Prenatal massage is beneficial during ALL trimesters of pregnancy and the myth that it induces early labour is just that: a myth! Imagine how great it would feel to have those pregnancy aches and pains massaged away, freeing you up to focus on preparing for baby – whether it’s choosing a name, decorating the nursery, or sitting back and indulging in your latest weird-but-tasty pregnancy craving.

Get answers to all the “embarrassing” birthing questions you’re afraid to ask your friends.

You have questions. Sooooo many questions. Questions about pregnancy, the birth process, and life with a new baby. You also got sucked into the Google Vortex and that just added even more questions to your already long list. That, my friend, is why you need a doula – i.e. (*hint, hint*) hi!

As a personal birth expert and educator, I’ll be your tour guide for all-things pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

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Your wellbeing is my passion.

Hey, I’m Lindsay (she/her) – registered massage therapist, birth doula, and the proud owner of Guelph Prenatal Massage. I’m here to help make your journey into parenthood a little bit easier.

My goal is simple: To help you have a positive birth experience, however it ends up looking.

I believe everybody deserves kind, quality care, and I have so much love and compassion for pregnant people. No matter how or where you want to birth, I’ll be in your corner cheering you on! If you’re also a fan of The Office, avocados, or cat memes, even better! I know we’ll get along just fine.

- Lindsay Finnie


Psst. Did I mention we do things a little differently around here?

Guelph Prenatal massage

No Tipping

Let’s just bypass that awkward moment where you’re standing in-front of the debit machine and wondering how much you should tip, shall we?

Guelph Prenatal massage

Maximum Comfort

Let’s be real, it can be nearly impossible to get comfortable when you’re pregnant. We have invested in special pillows designed especially for the pregnant body that will finally allow you to relax.

Guelph Prenatal massage

Non-Judgemental Support

Need a break from unsolicited advice and opinions on your pregnancy and birth preferences? You won't get any of that from us.

Guelph Prenatal massage

An Enya-Free Zone

We promise you'll never hear a pan flute or Enya. Instead, we play artists like Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Iron and Wine, and Bon Iver.

Let’s make your pregnancy, labour, and recovery the best experience possible!